Monday, October 5, 2015

Roanoke A.C.E Blogpost Theory Evaluation

What I really Think happened to the lost colony was they moved into the mainland with a native group, as said in one of the theories. This could have happened since the settlers left behind would find other communities, they could have been welcomed and joined. This theory found in the article "The lost Colony of Roanoke" many supporting details lead to this theory such as the finding of natives with gray eyes. "Our main hypothesis is that the lost Colony moved into the mainland with the Croatoans" Natives People's Magazine "has used methods as varied as deed research, archaeological digs and satellite imaging" they have studied this theory in order to prove it right. As a extension, I would like to connect this theory to the Big Bang Theory because it has many other theories that go against it, and still it is the one many people believe, it has had many research and many people go against it.