Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A.C.E Blogspot

What should the reputation of Christopher Colombus be? Use the articles read in class as evidence to form your opinion.

The reputation of Christopher Colombus, was he committed unspeakable crimes and did non-human acts. According to the articles he came just to explore and ended up destroying a whole community. In my opinion, someone who claims he discovered a land, where there had been millions of people for the past hundred years is just someone who should be considered a liar and fraud. He came and slaved the natives massacred people and mistreated everyone around him. After the natives giving him everything they had, Colombus made them look savage and aggressive in front of everyone. As a extension I connect everything we have learned to nowadays, where we know we made something wrong and we know there are more people doing corrupt acts and damage to other people.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Early American Populations

The "face of north america" was drastically altered as a result of early encounters between Native Americans and Europeans. Cite evidence from the document.

Early encounters between Native Americans and European settlers caused alteration in what was already thought between the two groups, Document 8 explains that what was said about the native americans being the savage, was just a statement to protect people from knowing that they did something as well, blaming them, but it is now revealed in this document that the settlers were mistreating them as well. What the europeans were saying was just to blame the native americans about all the battles, making them look bad and everyone saying that they were the ones who were doing everything while the europeans were just trying to make peace. They care more about what their people will think of them than what they will believe the native americans did.