Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Current Event Source Evaluation

Drunken Pilot Admits To Drinking Before The Flight

1.This is a primary source because it is talking about something they witnessed, in this case, the court trial in which they were sentenced to prison and admitted of the whole act.

2. The source provides a point of view, from the day of the trial, a investigation of the alcohol amount the pilot consumed and direct quoting from the interview of the sentenced. This was discovered with investigations and interviews made by the BBC news. All of the sources where used against the pilot during trial.

3. I think this source is a reliable source because it is part of the BBC news, which report news that are confirmed with a point of view and investigations, this have a very strong argument and is full of facts, either than opinions. Also, since it is a primary source, it makes it a more trust able source since it is made with real evidence and was presence with the people who wrote the article.

4. A very important question the source did not answer was the outcome of the plane, to whether they found a new pilot or had to cancel the flight, we could find the answer to this question by finding another article that is written based on similar facts but is more extended.